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Solid Surfacing 101

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When you consider all of the surfacing materials available today, solid surfacing holds a singular place, offering many unique features and benefits. With solid surfacing, you can enjoy:

Countertops 101


When it comes to kitchen and bath design, countertops stand out. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen renovation or a bathroom redesign, countertops and vanity tops become major focal points. As such, you’ll want to carefully consider the surfacing materials you select.

The Last Resort for Tough Stains on Laminate

Wine can leave a stubborn stain on laminate counters.

If that red wine or beet juice stain on your laminate countertop won’t budge despite using recommended mild household cleaners such as Fantastic® All Purpose Cleaner, Formula 409® and Pine-Sol® (original formulations only), a good last resort is acetone

Tips for Spring Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertops are easy to clean.

Happy second day of spring! If spring cleaning your kitchen is an annual tradition, be sure to check out our knowledge area on for tutorials on how to spruce up and repair solid surface and laminate countertops.

Avoiding ... and Repairing ... Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

Formica Laminate, laminate countertops

It’s summer and the heat is on … but make sure you keep it off your kitchen countertops.  Hot cookware can leave permanent burn marks on many countertop surfaces, including laminate.  That’s why we always recommend using a protective barrier such as a trivet (or hot plate, if you may) as a final resting place for oven- or stovetop-fresh pots and pans.  It’s also a good practice to use trivets underneath appliances that get hot, such as waffle irons.

Six Great Products for Restoring Laminate Countertops

Formica Laminate Countertops

Laminate is a surfacing product that can take a licking and keep on ticking … after all, there’s a reason why Grandma still has her original 1950s countertop after years of daily food prep.

Refreshing Solid Surface Countertops

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There's still time to work in that last bit of spring cleaning before summer sneaks up on us.  Today we're focusing on giving those hard-working solid surface countertops a spring facelift.  If scratches are stealing that just-installed shine from the finish, the following steps will bring your countertops back to their original glory.

Spring Cleaning Laminate Countertops

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Although spring just arrived, the daffodils have already come and gone in Formica Corporation's hometown of Cincinnati.  Some of us have already dove into spring cleaning and thought there might be some like-minded souls who would appreciate a few tips for giving laminate kitchen countertops a refresh. 

Healthy Living with Formica® Brand Products


With each new year, articles and commercials abound encouraging us to lead healthier lives by exercising and picking the right foods.  One area commonly overlooked, however, is the environment in which we live.  For most of us, besides work (and for some poor souls, the daily commute), we spend the majority of our time in our homes.  The products we choose, from surfacing and flooring to appliances and paint, make a difference in our overall health as well, whether it is keeping allergies at bay, minimizing bacteria, improving indoor air quality or offering green attributes that minimize environmental impact.

Formica Corporation manufactures products that we, too, would want to invite in our homes. So how do Formica® Brand Products stack up as healthy solutions?

Low Emitting: Formica® Brand Laminate and Formica® Solid Surfacing allow homeowners to breathe easy, as both are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low-Emitting Products, including the requirements for Children and Schools.

Easy to Clean: Formica® Solid Surfacing is bacteria resistant, which makes it an ideal option for kitchens and baths, while Formica® Brand Laminate is so easy to maintain, it just takes a quick spray to clean.

Sustainable: e Series Solid Surfacing by Formica Group is the first major branded solid surfacing material to contain post-consumer recycled content.  Each sheet of e Series Solid Surfacing has been certified to contain 15 percent total recycled content – 10 percent pre-consumer and 5 percent post-consumer. Pre-consumer recycled content consists of reclaimed solid surfacing while post-consumer recycled content is derived from reduced foam, both Styrofoam cups and packaging. Each sheet contains approximately 1,000, 12 oz. Styrofoam cups.

In addition, Formica® Brand Laminate is now available with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This means our wood products come from forests that are responsibly managed through the use of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable practices.

All of these sustainable attributes of our products are just the beginning … or should we say the end result.  Formica Corporation has completed Life Cycle Assessments of key products to measure the full impacts of products from “cradle to grave.”  Learn more about our sustainability efforts on our website.

What healthy changes are you making in your home environment this year?

How To: Remove Rust Stains

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Rust marks may occasionally appear on stainless steel sinks and are often caused by dirt and debris nestled in a groove or scratch.  Rust marks can be easily removed with products found at mass retailers.

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