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Who Created Iconic Boomerang?

Boomerang samples 2 271x300

The iconic 1950s Formica® Brand Laminate Skylark collection (available as Charcoal Boomerang today) remains popular and relevant.  Featuring contrasting-colored, boomerang-shaped outlines against bright and neutral solid backgrounds, Skylark’s liveliness and quirkiness made it a favorite for residential kitchens and soda fountains, diners and restaurants alike.

Brooks Stevens 224x300

Historians debate who actually developed Skylark.  The most accurate view is that Brooks Stevens, an acclaimed industrial designer, customer and consultant to Formica Corporation in the 1950s, created the pattern.

Raymond Loewy, considered the Father of Industrial Design, was also a consultant to Formica Corporation in the 1950s and 1960s and was credited for restyling Skylark in bright, optimistic colors.

Regardless of the origins of Skylark, Formica Corporation is proud to have both professionals as part of its design leadership.  We’re also proud to be known for a pattern that continues to be in demand decades after it first originated.

In upcoming blog posts, we’ll share some of our current patterns inspired by the whimsy and graphical nature of Skylark, as well as where you can still find retro Formica® Brand Laminate patterns today.

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