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Design Inspiration: Colorbox Seed and Possum


Colorbox Seed and Possum use natural and warm greens that are versatile enough to support colors in other Colorboxes as well as warm, modern woodgrains.

754 e Seed from the Formica® Solid Surfacing—e Series, with its naturalized gray green, is a Formica® Solid Surfacing coordinate for both the Seed and Possum Colorbox. 5885-58 Craft Oak and 5883-58 Pecan Woodline are beautiful complementary woodgrains and are perfect for healthcare and education applications.

Solid colors 5344-58/MC Seed and 5343-58/MC Possum ground the colorboxes with the support of 5877-58 Seed Weft and 5878-58 Possum Warp. In addition, 6214-58 Seagrass Strand from the 2008 Formica® Brand Laminate launch is a natural coordinate to the Colorbox.


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