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Six Great Products for Restoring Laminate Countertops


Formica Laminate Countertops

Laminate is a surfacing product that can take a licking and keep on ticking … after all, there’s a reason why Grandma still has her original 1950s countertop after years of daily food prep.

To keep laminate countertops looking as new as they did on the day they were installed, it’s important that you follow the recommended use and care guidelines.  However, if you’ve occasionally chopped veggies on your countertops without using a cutting board (a big no-no, but haven’t we all?) or accidentally spilled a harsh cleaner such as bleach on the surface, you may have a few scuffs, scratches or stains.

Although there is no going back once the damage is done, you can use a bit of polish or self-stripping wax to disguise any flaws (all the while adding a bit of shine and protection to the surface).  Our top product picks include:

  1. Hope’s Perfect Counter Polish

  2. Quick Shine Plus

  3. Countertop Magic 

  4. Pledge®

  5. Plexus®

  6. Lemon oil

These products are often found at home improvement retailers and are safe to use on a regular basis.  

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