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Who Will Drive Kitchen and Bath Remodels in 2013?


Geo White Formica Laminate countertopsFormica® Laminate Geo White with ogee IdealEdge™

So who is projected to drive growth in kitchen and bath remodeling, and how?  Partnering with the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI), Kitchen and Bath Design News polled 280 kitchen and bath dealers from the United States and Canada and reviewed the demographic and style trends influencing kitchen and bath remodels. 

In particular, dealers see the following areas on the rise:

Across the board, most age groups are anticipated to spend more than in previous years on remodeling.  Baby Boomers are expected to drive remodeling for both kitchens and baths.  After Boomers, mature (65 and older) consumers are seen as the next largest growth segments for baths, while aging-in-place designs and projects for 18- to 24-year-old buyers (see our own survey on Gen Y trends) are cited as on the rise for kitchens.  Families with children are projected to spend far less on remodeling.

Citing consumer cautiousness, partial or stage remodeling is expected to rise in kitchens versus major overhauls.

The economy brings a certain level of practicality.  “Functional” (81 percent) and “comfortable” (62 percent) lead as the most requested attributes by clients for kitchens, with attributes such as light-filled, simple, sleek, elegant and glamorous falling significantly behind.  The most requested attributes for baths follow suit.

Also a reflection of the new practicality, 66 percent identified energy-efficient appliances as a must have and 64 percent noted an interest in mixing and matching materials, surfaces and finishes in the kitchen.  At Formica Corporation, we’re also seeing this trend – homeowners may wish to add affordability and practicality of laminate countertops to the kitchen alongside wood, natural stone and stainless steel.

Butterum Granite Formica Laminate countertops mix well with other materials.Formica® Laminate Butterum Granite with bullnose IdealEdge™

The most desired kitchen feature still remains storage (80 percent citing), along with the incorporation of storage amenities such as roll outs and drawers.  Storage also is the top ranked area of kitchen spending increase.

More great insights can be found in the November issue of Kitchen and Bath Design News.


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