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Kitchen + Living Space = Living Triangle


It’s a kitchen evolution, according to Lita Dirks, Lita Dirks & Co., and Dominck Tringali, Dominick Tringali Architects, Inc., as they presentedEverything Including the Kitchen Sink:  Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas at the International Builders’ Show last week.

So what’s changing?  We’ve all heard about the kitchen work triangle, though Dirks and Tringali said the latest trend is the “living triangle,” which fully integrates the kitchen into the living space.  In addition to the kitchen, the living triangle includes breakfast and dining areas, hearth, family area, technology center, pantry and laundry.  Foyers, hallways, walls and task-oriented rooms are replaced by zones and hubs centered around how people live.

So how might this look?  Dirks and Tringali provide some ideas:

  • The kitchen has less square footage but more usable space, including flex space.

  • The kitchen island is a central hub and is integrated with the dining areas.  It serves as a homework or an office area; a library or a storage area.  Most importantly, the island is a gathering area.

  • The pantry becomes a food prep area to keep the kitchen clean.

  • The open environment needs to be free of clutter or visual distraction, so there is more reliance on “clean” appliances and simple tile or metal backsplashes.

  • There is less focus on cabinetry and more focus on architectural space.

  • The ceilings are 10-12 feet tall; beamed ceilings and archways provide simple detail.

  • The back halls are widened to add storage such as lockers for drop zones and book shelves. 

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