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Black Walnut Timber 180fx® is a Winner!


Black Walnut Timber, a 180fx® pattern introduced in June, has gotten quite a bit of positive buzz from consumers looking for an affordable surface that reflects the popular look of old-growth wood slab on kitchen countertops, dining tables and islands, as well as conference tables in commercial settings and community benching in hospitality. We are pleased to learn that the industry is taking notice, too, as the pattern recently won THREE prestigious Golden Cylinder Awards (including Best of the Best Product) from the Gravure Association of the Americas. This annual award identifies and distinguishes technical innovations in the Packaging, Product and Label market segments. 

So what makes Black Walnut Timber award winning? 

Replicating the look of old-growth woods, cross cut in thick slabs with irregular natural characteristics and live edges, is no easy feat – at least with any sort of authenticity. Up for the challenge, our design team was inspired to try and recreate this impressive aesthetic by building upon our 180fx® large-scale printing technique.

Black Walnut Timber by Formica Group

Black Walnut Timber 180fx®

We partnered with Interprint to execute this concept due to its excellent design staff and in-house engraving capabilities. Interprint's team worked with us to find real Black Walnut slabs for scanning and reproduction. Various rounds of layout development and Formica Group-led research with kitchen and commercial designers resulted in the final design, which marries two thick, 170-year-old slabs of Black American Walnut – book matched and joined down the center with Walnut bow-tie details – to create a stunningly realistic woodgrain laminate in a striking five-foot expanse. Intentionally placed, the bow-tie details are a cue that this laminate is unique and needs to be centered on a substrate. An industry-first, the center-aligned layout required unique processing by both Interprint and Formica Group; typically designs are “all-over” layouts for ease. 

Formica laminate in Black Walnut

Black Walnut Formica® laminate

Interprint used other elements of the same Black Walnut slab to create an “all-over” layout that can be used as a complementary laminate for countertops and other wood furniture. The ability to pair the dramatic Black Walnut Timber 180fx® with Black Walnut Formica® laminate as a total solution is another first in the high-pressure laminate industry.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about? Order free samples of Black Walnut Timber and Black Walnut by clicking the links.

More detailed descriptions of the 2013 award-winning entries can be found here.

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